M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University
Faculty of Physics IPTM RAS
The Laboratory Diagnostic Microscopy and Microtomography

Major Research Activity

The Laboratory Diagnostic Microscopy and Microtomography was established in 1988 as joint Laboratory between Moscow State University and Institute of Microelectronics Technology Russian Academy of Sciences.

The basic research area of Laboratory is the development of new methods and techniques for scanning electron microscopy of semiconductor materials, microtomography of microelectronic structures, measurements of local electrical parameters of semiconductor crystals, diagnostics of failure analysis and quality control of semiconductor structures and ICs.

The Laboratory has wide experience on development and application of new nondestructive contactless methods in diagnostics scanning electron microscopy and microtomography. We describe here two examples of investigations, which have been carried out during last years. The first technique is the detection of surface electron induced voltage, what allow to examine such features in semiconductor crystals as dopant distribution, dislocations, stacking faults, microcracks, recombination behaviors, to measure the diffusion length or lifetimes of minority carriers. Another method is the backscattered electrons microtomography for layer-by-layer inspections of thin films microstructures.